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Great Recipes
http:/ / www. epicurious. com/
Epicurious is great for all your recipe and cooking needs.

Job Info
http:/ / www. monsterboard. com/
Build your resume. Search for jobs.

http:/ / www. hotjobs. com/
Just as it says.

Biking, skating, hiking, sailing
http:/ / www. sk8net. com/
The InLine Club of Boston. No need to skate alone, unless you want to.

http:/ / www. crw. org/
Charles River Wheelmen. The best bike group in the area. Rides for all levels. All you need is a bike and a helmet.

http:/ / www. outdoors. org/
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), simply the best if you want to hike in the Northeast. Put on your hiking boots and join a group hike or use their maps and suggestions, sign up for their newsltter and much more.

http:/ / www. astseals. com/ nsc/
North Shore biking group.

Information / Answers
http:/ / tv. yahoo. com/
Want to know what is on TV tonight? Find out about new shows, TV gossip, extensive listings and more.

http:/ / www. m-w. com/
Merriam-Webster online. Their dictionary and thesaurus. Sign up for the word of the day and they will email a new vocabulary word to you each day. They also have word games you can play.

http:/ / www. mapquest. com
The best site for Maps and driving directions

http:/ / www. weather. com
The official page of the Weather Channel. Rain or shine? Jacket or sweater? All your questions answered.

Restaurant/ food
http:/ / www. zagat. com/
One of my favorite guides to restaurants. They now have a version you can download for your Palm Pilot.

http:/ / www. fodors. com
Planning a vacation? Check out this web site and use the "create your own mini guide" to research your trip.

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