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Common Interests is Boston's premiere activities club. We provide a fun and easy way to meet other busy young professionals. We take advantage of what Boston has to offer. Our activities range from dinners and brunches to concerts, theater, and sporting events. We will let you know what is hot, exciting and current in Boston.

Disclaimer and Release

The Common Interests, Inc. database is comprised of the information provided in this questionnaire by members such as yourself. Common Interests, Inc. relies on the honesty of its members in the completing of the questionnaires, and does not independently verify the accuracy of the information provided. Membership in Common Interests, Inc. therefore does not amount to an endorsement of any member, his or her background, personality or skills.

Common Interests, Inc. disclaims all responsibility for any and all liability, loss or damages which may accrue as a result of misrepresentations or other actions taken by any of its members. By joining Common Interests, Inc. and signing below, you are hereby releasing Common Interests, Inc. from all liability for loss or damage that may accrue as a result of misrepresentations or actions taken by any of its members.

I understand that as a member of Common Interests, Inc. I may be included in photographs taken at Common Interests, Inc. events. I hereby authorize Common Interests, Inc. to use such photographs of me in such manner as it determines to be reasonable without any consideration being paid therefore to me. I further waive my right to inspect or approve such photographs in advance of their use.

I understand that membership in Common Interests, Inc. is a privilege and that Common Interests, Inc. reserves the right to terminate my membership if it determines that such termination is in the best interest of Common Interests, Inc. and its members.